11 Simple Tricks To Get Your

Dated: 07/01/2019

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11 Simple Tricks to get your home ready for sale!

Thomas Mendoza is your expert when it comes to listing and selling homes across Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties. With our experience and expertise, we can help you sell your for top dollar and in the shortest amount of time. Please contact use at 831 435 8518 with any questions on buying or selling your next home!


#1 Work on curb appeal -Color and green will help potential buyers fall in love with your home as they pull up. Plants and healthy grass are key, possibly buy some flowering plants that will add color. The more people that respond well to the home when they first drive up the more leverage you will create when you are negotiating. Which allows us to negotiate for a higher price.


#2 Fresh Paint – Neutral tones are highly recommended, but the Thomas & the team will consult on colors to help show your home in the best possible light.


#3 Clean up backyard and sides of house – along with #1 ensure that all bushes are trimmed back from the house and any low hanging branches nearby are trimmed. Lawns and grass should be mowed, emphasize any outdoor gathering areas and ensure they are clean. Clear all debris and clutter from the backyard and sides of the house.


#4 Remove Personal Items – While we all love family photos and the kid’s childhood art. Potential buyers want to be able to put themselves in the home. Removing personal affects will allow them to do this more easily. “This room will be Emma’s room and Jackson can have this one!” are phrases we want to hear during an open house. Ownership is a powerful motivating factor.


#5 Open up the windows! Make sure windows are cleaned and unobstructed. Natural light attracts many buyers and is very popular; make sure your home is presented in the best light.


#6 Declutter living areas – The house should be on display. All cabinets and nooks should be on display not the items held within. Any remaining items should help demonstrate the value of the home and its particular rooms. Like the coffee table and couch in the living room but remove an extensive DVD collection.


#7 Touch Up – Fix any scuffs or dings around the home. Make sure to note any larger repairs that you may not be able to do yourself, we can recommend professionals to help you!


#8 Repairs – Ensuring that the roof, appliances and HVAC are all in good working order will help attract buyers to your home, and help you receive the highest price for your home.  

#9 Fix Loose handles, bad doorknobs & locks – Buyers want to be able to get into any part of the houses while they’re seeing it, a bad doorknob could turn them off because their accessibility was limited. You want people to start seeing themselves as the “owners” a difficult to open door or cupboard could ruin that experience.


#10 Cleaning – Cleaning is important, make sure to deep clean the house as you de-clutter and move personal affects out of the house. Also make sure to dust all surfaces and hard to get spots. Dirty areas can ruin the image of a home in a potential buyer’s mind. We can also bring in some fantastic cleaners to help you with this process.


#11 Staging – If you follow these steps and feel your home could still use some touches or if its vacant, consider professional staging. The Ted Mendoza Team can put you in contact with the best stagers in your area to help show your home in the best light. From full staging, assistance de cluttering to adding a few key items our team can help you show and sell your home!


The Markets from Felton, Ben Lomond, San Jose and on to Santa Cruz all vary, but you can trust that we can devise a strong marketting plan to help attract the most buyers in the shortest time. This results in the best possible result for our clients.

Thanks for reading, Thomas Mendoza is here to help you with your next real estate transaction. Protecting and caring for our clients is our highest priority. Call us today to see how we can help you get your home ready for sale!

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